Operating with a private limited company, you enter into an undisclosed partnership with Nyenburgh Holding B.V. (NH) The paid-up capital you invest in the partnership is the trading capital you use to trade. NH provides you with leverage on this.
You can transfer money from the partnership to your limited company in accordance with earnings.
NH offers you the option of renting a professional workspace on the floor of Euronext at Beursplein, in Amsterdam, or you can trade from any location in the world.

In some cases NH will finance the trader.



NH has a dedicated back office, which takes care of the partnership's accounts completely free of charge. All transactions are reconciled daily, so the likelihood of errors is minimised. Every morning before the stock exchange opens you receive a statement of transactions concluded on the previous day, Net Liq, positions and the haircut.


Risk Management

Trading also involves taking risks but then risks within predetermined parameters. The trader's continuity is also determined by the extremely professional risk management system which NH operates. The procedures for the system are determined by senior management and are based on long-term experience.

The set parameters are monitored in real-time by the risk manager(s) throughout the entire trading day. Moreover, the risk management system intervenes independently if predetermined limits are exceeded and the risk manager can also intervene independently. The risk parameters of ABN AMRO Clearing Bank apply for overnight positions. Overnight short positions are permitted under certain conditions.


Market Access

NH offers you connectivity to Euronext, Xetra, LSE, NASDAQ/OMX, Swiss Exchange, ARCA, Oslo Exchange, EUREX, ICE Europe and Currenex (FX).


Transaction costs

NH uses the cost-plus system, whereby the trader always pays the cost per trade, namely the exchange and clearing fees, plus a surcharge. If the cost goes down at any time it is passed on to the trader immediately on a 1 to 1 basis. The cost per trade and surcharge that NH charges are among the market's lowest.



NH provides you with a unique opportunity to practise at Beursplein 5 in a simulation environment on the floor of Euronext. This means you can discover for yourself whether professional day trading is something for you, without spending money! You will be supported by our most successful trader and, if you decide to enter into collaboration with NH, the guidance will continue for the first few months.




Please contact Bert Muller for more information

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